I received my first camera (an Eastman Kodak Brownie Reflex) when I was 12 years old and instantly was addicted to capturing images. Spending my allowance on film and developing I started down the path of a lifetime passion.

After attending the University of Washington, I went to Rockport Maine to attend the Maine Film and Television Workshops. They offered me a job as Technical Director, which turned out to be an education beyond what I ever imagined. I had the opportunity to work directly with Corporations like Panavision, Arriflex, Kodak, Rosco, Tiffen, and I was able to attend an unlimited amount of workshops taught by the top pros in the industry. (Billy Williams, Vilmos Zsigmond, Gene Wilder, Garret Brown, Ted Churchill, Sid Field, Ira Tiffen just to name a few).

Since then I have worked on Movies, Television Shows, Commercials, Music Videos, and Corporate videos for marketing, training, fund raising, web content, trade shows, keynotes, case studies, live events and more.

Director of Photography : Steadicam Owner - Operator : Photographer
Brad Nelson